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Artist all my life...

I knew I loved to draw from my first day of kindergarten...I compared how well I colored with those around me.  In 7th and 8th grade at my small private school I was the only one who voted for art class instead of an extra recess.  In high school I always had an art class as an elective; I couldn't get enough.  When I started college I thought that it would be a lovely idea to be an artist, but would it be realistic?  I decided to major in nursing...that lasted about one week and then I switched to Fine Art.


I finished college with two degrees, the first, an A.A. in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix and the second, a B.A. in Fine Art with an emphasis in painting from Northern Arizona University.  NAU is in my home town of Flagstaff, AZ. 


After getting married and moving to Billings, MT in 2002, I focused primarily on Graphic Design. I worked with a small graphic design firm for a bit before being hired on at the Yellowstone Art Museum. I worked in a few key areas, and when I left after 5 years I held the position of Marketing Manager.  I created all of the design materials for the Museum at that time.


It was the birth of our second child that pulled at my heart to work from home as an independent contractor. We moved to Walla Walla, WA in 2008 and lived there until our move to Fort Collins, CO in 2014.  The last few years (as the girls have gotten older) have allowed me to get back into painting and continue with my independent graphic design business. I am able to create and be totally in my element while also being home and working a flexible schedule with my family; it is the best of both worlds.  It is my plan that as the kids get older I will be able to do more design and painting, and perhaps work part time for a local business to continue using my talents and learn new skills.


As a painter, I love to portray children in particular, but find any subject a wonderful opportunity to create and capture it's essence.  The thing I love the most is that when people ask my daughters what their mom does, their first answer is that she is an artist. They often create and paint with me, and I only hope they continue to create their own beauty as they grow up. 

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